The Baltimore Sun

"...a gorgeously nuanced "Maria," sung by tenor David Merrill, who added operatic drama to prove the song's title can be "all the beautiful sounds of the world in a single word.

by Mary Johnson, The Baltimore Sun, Nov 2014.pdf

Bay Weekly

"[David Merrill's] tenor is a treat."      

by Jim Reiter, Bay Weekly, Aug 2014.pdf

The Baltimore Sun

"[David Merrill] instantly elevated the evening's drama, commanding our attention..."

by Mary Johnson, The Baltimore Sun, March 2014.pdf

The Baltimore Sun

"[David Merrill's] classical trained voice is standout."

by Mary Johnson, The Baltimore Sun, May 2013.pdf

DCMetroTheater Arts

"[David Merrill's] voice is rich, pure and extremely powerful..."

by Amanda Gunther, DCMetro Arts, July 2013.pdf

DCMetroTheater Arts

"David Merrill is an astonishing singer.  His voice is powerful and emotive... Merrill's vocal energy is indefatigable..."

by Amanda Gunther, DCMetro Arts, July 2013.pdf


"David Merrill, as the defendant, displays an excellent tenor voice, matched to a relaxed, easy going acting style that fits his happy-go-lucky cad of a character like a glove."

by Bob Ashby, ShowbizRadio, July 2012.pdf

DC Theatre Scene

"David Merrill plays a great defendant, smug but endearing."

by Annie Causey, DC Theatre Scene, July 2012.pdf

Washington City Paper

"Watching David Merrill's smarmy defendant is almost as much fun as listening to his strong and flexible tenor."

DC Metro Arts

"There were, however, some vocalists who held their own, which allowed me to appreciate their talent.     Merrill's tenor voice hit some brilliant high notes in his portrayals of Edwin and Alexis. 

The Winchester Star

"Chaves and Merrill, in particular, display exceptional range and vocal quality."


David Merrill